LOGISTICS MANAGER is your perfect solution to automate and streamline your documentation to ensure your deliveries are error-free. No more manual, slow and tedious documentation processes.

Take a giant leap forward and stay ahead in the business with LOGISTICS MANAGER. Control and manage vital information. Search and recall delivery information with a few simple clicks. No more lost or misplaced documents.

LOGISTICS MANAGER is the ever-present employee who empowers your business, the highly experienced personnel who do not quit and is the EXPERT when it comes to managing documents and keeps costs down.

Key Features

  • Easy to use, intelligent interface
  • Complete System Security. Assign or limit data access and system functions
  • Centralized electronic filing, archiving and retrieval
  • Digital Forms for Print-On-Demand
  • Retrieve your data for emailing, faxing and sending without leaving your work desk!

No More Lost Documentation. Delivery = Billings!

Lost Delivery Orders, Shipment Notices or Packing Lists often cost companies dearly. With LOGISTICS MANAGER, documents acknowledged by the customers can be scanned into the MFP to reduce the risk of loss or misplaced documentation. This automated filing process enhances your billing process many folds!

Manage Your Customer?s Credit Line. Reduce Bad Debts.

LOGISTICS MANAGER can be linked to your accounting system to trigger a blockage if your customer’s credit limit is overdrawn. This automated process alerts you and creates a front-line barrier against delivery to customers with late payments.

Document Archiving. Total data control on your fingertips.

All types of documents, ranging from invoices, delivery orders, airway bills, and shipment notices can be digitally stored and retrieved at the click of a button. LOGISTICS MANAGER empowers you to be in control and efficient by providing you with the right information instantly.

Customized Digital Forms, Corporate Documents, and Letterheads.
Create your own Print-On-Demand forms. Say goodbye to pre-printed wastage. With LOGISTICS MANAGER, you have the flexibility to create forms of corporate documents and letterheads. Store them centrally in the MFP’s HDD and print only when needed. They can be updated, amended and edited to ensure they are always relevant.