COST CONTROLLER is the latest innovative solution from Konica Minolta, designed specifically for the Insurance industry in collaboration with the specialists of the industry.

In the high-speed world of the insurance service, staying efficient, lean and mean is the key towards achieving a successful insurance agency. COST CONTROLLER is the ultimate key to help you monitor your agent’s printing and copying activities.

Key Features

  • Track and know the exact number of printing and copies made by your agents
  • Implement pre-paid card with monetary credits for charge based usage
  • Manuals, memos and various communications can be stored in MFP for printing by agents
  • Central reporting system for detailed usage report
  • Follow Me Print eliminates queues and waiting

Accurate and Efficient. Better manage your printing and copying costs!

COST CONTROLLER is your perfect automated personnel to track and manage all the printing and copying that is done by your agents. With COST CONTROLLER, you will know the exact number of printouts, copies, and scans by users and/or departments. COST CONTROLLER accounts for every single output of your MFP, enabling you to track and manage your costs.

Implement Pre-paid cards. Charge-based usage

COST CONTROLLER from Konica Minolta can integrate a card-reader system for pre-paid charge usage system. Within an insurance agency environment, the ID cards of your agents can be programmed with pre-paid amounts which deducts the monetary balance upon usage. Say goodbye to unaccounted printing and copying costs, and turn your costs into profit.

Communicate Effectively. Easy access to all forms of data.

COST CONTROLLER’s innovative solution enables postings of manuals, memos and various communications on a single server and agents can print the documents upon authentication at any of the Konica Minolta MFPs. You achieve less errors and wastage and the agents only need to print what is necessary.

ID and Print. Less errors, less wastage

COST CONTROLLER’s innovative solution enables your agents to print their documents upon authentication at the Konica Minolta MFP. This unique feature tracks the printouts and eliminates misplaced document printouts. With ID and Print, your agency achieves less errors and wastage, which means better savings not to mention increased security to prevent unauthorized usage and abuse.

Follow Me Print. Faster, less errors and less wastage

With Follow Me Print, documents sent for printing can be routed to any idle MFP in the network. With a simple authentication process, the MFP will release the printing job, thus minimizing queues and waiting time.