OFFICE/HR ASSISTANT is all about managing information, forms, policies and all types of data in a central site to achieve top performance and productivity without any compromise on security.

Key Features

  • Complete System Security
  • Customized, unlimited interface to cater to your unique departmental needs
  • Generate Pdf even with different document types (Word, Excel etc)
  • Insert blank page / printed page seperators during compilation
  • Packed with features such as Custom Scan, ID & Print and Overlay Print to make your work easier and more productive.

Customized Digital Forms, Corporate Documents and Letterheads. Create your own Print-On-Demand forms

Say goodbye to pre-printed wastage. With OFFICE/HR ASSISTANT, you have the flexibility to create forms corporate documents and letterheads. Store them centrally into the MFP box and print only when needed. They can be updated, amended and edited to ensure they are always relevant.

Digital Stamping. No more rubber stamps.

Forget about rubber stamps, and let OFFICE/HR ASSISTANT store all your stamps digitally. With a few simple clicks, OFFICE/HR ASSISTANT stamps your documents just the way you want it to be!

Document Archiving. Total data control on your fingertips.

The Human Resource department centrally receives and sends out various types of documents, ranging from policies, employee records, to EA Forms and appraisal forms.

Let OFFICE/HR ASSISTANT store and retrieve the documents at the click of a button. OFFICE/HR ASSISTANT empowers you to be in control and efficient.

Security. For total peace of mind.

OFFICE/HR ASSISTANT can be programmed to restrict unauthorized access through password and finger vein scan for complete security.