Education Industry

Cost Controller for Higher Learning Centres

COST CONTROLLER is the latest innovative solution from Konica Minolta, designed specifically for schools, colleges and universities in collaboration with the specialists of the industry.

In the high speed education world, staying efficient, lean and mean is the key towards achieving a successful centre of higher learning.


Key Features

Track and know the exact number of printing and copies made by students and lecturers

Implement pre-paid card with monetary credits for charge based usage

Lecturer notes, tutorials, timetable, memos and various communications can be stored in MFP for printing by students

Central reporting system for detailed usage report

Follow Me Print eliminates queues and waiting

Accurate and Efficient.

Better manage your printing and copying costs!


COST CONTROLLER is your perfect automated personnel to track and manage all the printing and copying that is done by students and lecturers. With COST CONTROLLER, you will know the exact number of printouts, copies and scans by students and / or departments. COST CONTROLLER accounts for every single output of your MFP, enabling you to manage your costs and create a chargeback system.

Implement Pre-paid cards. Charge-based usage

COST CONTROLLER from Konica Minolta can integrate a card-reader system for pre-paid charge usage system for the students and faculty members alike. ID cards of your personnel and / or students can be programmed with pre-paid amounts which deducts the monetary balance upon usage. Say goodbye to unaccounted printing and copying costs.

Communicate Effectively. Easy access to all forms of data.

COST CONTROLLER’s innovative solution enables postings of lecturer notes, tutorials, memos and various communications on a single server and students can print the documents upon authentication at any of the Konica Minolta MFPs. This unique feature tracks the printouts, eliminates misplaced document printouts and eliminates queues. You achieve less errors and wastage and the students only need to print what is necessary.

Follow Me Print. Faster, less errors and less wastage

With Follow Me Print, documents sent for printing can be routed to any idle MFP in the network. With a simple authentication process, the MFP will release the printing job, thus minimizing queues and waiting time.

Education Specialist

EDUCATION SPECIALIST is the latest innovative solutions from Konica Minolta, designed specifically for the education industry. Education specialist is the maintenance and hassle free solution to replace OMR scanners, providing you cost saving benefits and peace of mind.

It collects data from optical marks such as bubbles and presents the results in a clear and concise manner. Eliminate human data entry error and obtain accurate statistics to make the best strategic decisions. Achieve accurate and searchable filing through barcoding applications.


Key Features

Exceptional Optical Mark Recognition

Create your own forms, customized according to your requirements.

Print your forms on-demand, as and when you need them!

Easy to use, intelligent interface

Exports data and graph charts to spreadsheets and databases

Perfectly suited for examinations and surveys

Auto archive the results and data into DMS for easy retrieval

Customize Your Own Forms. Say goodbye to pre-printed wastage


EDUCATION SPECIALIST gives you a great deal of flexibility when it comes to designing your forms. Create the forms using any software that you are proficient in, and the forms do not need any special marks or printing in order to recognise the markings. You are in total control. Best of all, you print only when you need the forms. The forms can be updated, edited and stored in the Konica Minolta MFP HDD to ensure they are always relevant.

Multiple Data Applications. From evaluations to survey forms, it works!

Many types of data can be collected. They can be for EXAMINATION, LECTURER EVALUATION, STUDENT SURVEYS and other education related forms. EDUCATION SPECIALIST scans and reads the data efficiently, thus resolving the tedious process of manual data entry that is error-prone. Analyze The Report. Quality and accurate results on your fingertips.

The results and statistics collated can now be fully utilized. EDUCATION SPECIALIST can export the data to any spreadsheets, database, statistical package and HTML file format for publishing data on the internet. You can also archive the precious data into any Document Management System (DMS). Get the most accurate data to help you make the best strategic decisions!