DocuVu is our user-friendly Document Management System (DMS) software. It was developed and is continuously being upgraded by U-BIX Imaging Center to search, retrieve and share digital files. Our DMS strategically complements our document scanning and indexing services wherein users can access scanned images accurately and quickly.

DocuVu’s basic software functionalities are:

  • Document Repository – serves as a central repository of all vital and essential scanned files which can then be accessed by authorized users
  • Document Indexing – organizes better the digital files as they become easier to search and retrieve using keywords
  • Document Security – safeguards all contents through rigorous security policies, role-based access controls and audit trails
  • Document Access – provides web-based access wherein authorized users can search, view, save and print
  • Software Integration – allows seamless information flow between different platforms to ensure data integrity

Since DocuVu is locally developed, we can offer flexibility to customize workflow functionalities and requirements. We also have a strong DocuVu Support Team for telephone and on-site help.