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CV series –  High value contained in an incredibly compact design!

Considerable experience in varied markets provides RISO with insights on customer requirements across the world.

CV series from RISO is the result of these valuable insights and RISO’s in-house R&D.

It provides all the benefits that our customers desire including cost- and time-saving combined with ease of operation, superior print quality and a user-friendly design.

The CV series delivers Customer Value, like no other equipment in its class.


Master Making / Printing MethodsHigh-speed digital master-making/Fully automatic printing
Original typeSheet
Original Size (min./max.)90 mm x 140 mm to 310 mm x 435 mm
(3 17/32 inches x 5 1/2 inches to 12 7/32 inches x 17 1/8 inches)
Original Paper Weight50 gsm to 107 gsm (13-lb bond to 29-lb bond)
Original Paper Capacity1 Sheet
Scanning Area (max.)297 mm x 435 mm (11 11/16 inches x 17 1/8 inches)
Printing Paper Size (min./max.)100 mm x 148 mm to 297 mm x 420 mm
(3 15/16 inches x 5 13/16 inches to 11 11/16 inches x 16 17/32 inches)
Paper Supply CapacityApprox. 1000 sheets, 64 gsm to 80 gsm (17-lb bond to 21-lb bond)/Maximum stacking height: 110 mm (4 11/32 inches)
Paper Receiving CapacityApprox. 800 sheets, 64 gsm to 80 gsm (17-lb bond to 21-lb bond)/Maximum stacking height: 90 mm (3 17/32 inches)
Printing Paper Weight35 gsm to 128 gsm (9-lb bond to 34-lb bond)
Image Processing ModeLine, Photo, Duo, Pencil
(Scanning and Printing)
300dpi x 300dpi
Master-making TimeApprox. 39 seconds or less (for B4 originals/short edge feed/100% reproduction ratio)
Printing Area (max.)In units of mm: 251 mm x 357 mm (9 7/8 inches x 14 1/16 inches)
In units of inches: 210 mm x 349 mm (8 9/32 inches x 13 3/4 inches)
Print Reproduction RatioIn units of mm: 100% reproduction ratio, Enlargement (141%, 122%, 116%), Reduction (94%, 87%, 82%, 71%)
In units of inches: 100% reproduction ratio, Enlargement (154%, 129%, 121%), Reduction (94%, 78%, 65%, 61%)
Print Speed3 levels: 60, 80, and 100ppm
Print Position AdjustmentHorizontal:±10 mm Vertical:±10 mm*1, (Horizontal: ±13/32 inches, Vertical: ±13/32 inches)
Ink SupplyFull automatic (800 ml/cartridge)
Master Supply/DisposalFull automatic (B4: approx. 200 sheets per roll)/Disposal capacity: approx. 30 sheets
User InterfaceLED panel
Computer ConnectionUSB PC Interface
Optional AccessoriesNot Available
Operating NoiseMax. 69dB(A) (when printing 100 sheets per minute in the operator position)
Power SourceAC100-120V/220-240V, 50-60 Hz <2.0A/1.0A>
Power ConsumptionMax. 160W, Ready: 15W or lower, Sleep: 10W or lower, Power-OFF: 0.5W or lower
FunctionsOriginal Scanning Mode, Scanning Level, Enlargement/Reduction, 2-Up, Speed, Print Position, Program, Idling, Confidential, Meter Display, Proof, Direct Printing, Auto Sleep Setting, Auto Power-OFF Setting, RISO iQuality System
Dimensions (W×D×H)In Use1280 mm x 655 mm x 515 mm
(50 13/32 inches x 25 25/32 inches x 20 9/32 inches)
In Storage665 mm x 655 mm x 505 mm
(26 3/16 inches x 25 25/32 inches x 19 7/8 inches)
Required Space (W×D×H)1280 mm x 1255 mm x 845 mm
(50 13/32 inches x 49 13/32 inches x 33 9/32 inches)
WeightApprox. 64 kg (141lb)*2

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