AccurioPress C6100

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AccurioPress C6100

Accurio : Advanced · Automated · Accurate


Konica Minolta continues to expand the future of professional printing through a comprehensive and fully modular group in digital printing technologies and solutions named Accurio. Accurio expands flexibility, increases speed and efficiency, and ensures high print quality for business ranging from dedicated printing houses to creative design houses. Accurio includes a line of digital press suites, state-of-the-art inkjet printers, and the software and cloud-based tools for integrating, managing and executing seamless workflow.

Automating operations, expanding the possibilities of on-demand offerings, and providing connectivity to prepress and postpress systems, Accurio maximises use of resources, reduces labour and costs, and raises accuracy and productivity. As customer demands for new services and reduced costs continue to grow, printing business are embracing digital technology for solutions beyond paper. Accurio is the single solution for a new era in professional printing.


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