U-BIX Corporation

Printer Rentals

You can rent from a range of our high quality Konica Minolta digital printers.  Most of our office multifunction printers can be connected to your wi-fi network, allowing for documents to be printed directly from your Android or iOS device with a mobile print app.  These printers also provide a consistent user experience that gives users access to the printer operation panel from a multitude of devices, making connectivity, visibility and usability easy.  We take pride in our reliable after-sales services which ensure worry-free machine’s replenishment of consumables like toner, and replacement of parts.       

Printer Rentals

Customer Service Remote Care

Customer Service Remote Care (CSRC) is the unique Konica Minolta remote diagnostics system.  CSRC allows communication between a host computer and a connected machine to get its real-time operation state.  By connecting to CSRC, click charge billing is easily generated and maintenance records are properly kept.  Alerts for consumables’ replenishment and machine’s trouble and service request are sent out automatically to us for delivery processing and technical support.