U-BIX Corporation

Digital Document Management

U-BIX Imaging Center

In 2007, U-BIX acquired Kodak Imaging Center from Kodak Philippines to expand its portfolio to outsourcing services solutions.  Now renamed as U-BIX Imaging Center (UIC), the business unit has been providing digital document management solutions to government agencies, financial institutions, hospitals, schools and multinational companies.

UIC has positioned its array of services to become an effective records and information management solution from the conversion of hard copy files and microfilm records to digital images through scanning and indexing.  This is complemented by a document management system named DocuVu for fast, accurate and easy retrieval of digital images.

UIC is committed to strengthen its leadership to be the country’s preferred and trusted provider of digital document management solutions by continuously improving its business processes, embracing new technologies, upgrading its production machines, equipment and facilities, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Document Scanning and Indexing

We are the country’s leading service provider in converting hard copy files and microfilm records to digital images through our document scanning and indexing technologies.  With our scalable project deployment resources and experienced project management staff, we have handled and are continuously handling, in strict confidentiality, volume of government records, banks and insurance files, student records, medical records and multinational companies’ business documents.

Expanding our quality services globally, we have been rendering offshore services in the United States of America on digital image quality checking and document indexing. 

We trust that, by using our services, you will attain the following benefits

DocuVu – Document Management System

DocuVu is our user-friendly Document Management System (DMS) software.  It was developed and is continuously being upgraded by U-BIX Imaging Center to search, retrieve and share digital files.  Our DMS strategically complements our document scanning and indexing services wherein users can access scanned images accurately and quickly.  DocuVu’s basic software functionalities are:

Document Repository

Serves as a central repository of all vital and essential scanned files which can then be accessed by authorized users

Document Indexing

Oganizes better the digital files as they become easier to search and retrieve using keywords

Document Security

Safeguards all contents through rigorous security policies, role-based access controls and audit trails

Document Access

Provides web-based access wherein authorized users can search, view, save and print

Software Integration

Allows seamless information flow between different platforms to ensure data integrity

Since DocuVu is locally developed, we can offer flexibility to customize workflow functionalities and requirements.  We also have a strong DocuVu Support Team for telephone and on-site help.

Forms Processing and Data Entry

We have extended our service leadership from document scanning and indexing to forms processing and data entry.  Our pool of encoders and quality assurance staff guarantees an accuracy rate of no less than 99.5%.  The forms we process include application forms for bank account opening, credit card, bank loan, insurance policy and various memberships.

We trust that, by availing our services, you will attain the following benefits

From basic encoding with quality assurance tool, we also utilize optical character recognition (OCR) and optical mark recognition (OMR) technologies to produce business-ready data.

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