RISO's highest print speed – an astonishing 180ppm–gets even your biggest job done in a flash. For example, a print run of 10,000 pages takes less than an hour to complete.
No matter how big the job, you can rely on the RISO RZ970 printers to take care of it fast.

RZ1070A Features

High-resolution 600dpi scanning and printing is your assurance of beautifully clear output with a truly professional look. Thanks to the fine dot pitch, small typefaces are superbly legible, large curves have smooth outlines, and halftone photos have fine tonal gradations.

Ultra high-speed 180 ppm printing

RZ970 digital printers set a new benchmark for high-speed printing. Thanks to 180ppm output, you can print an astonishing 10,000 copies in less than an hour, making short work of even the heaviest print job.

Falling price per page

With a RISO printer, the longer your print run, the lower the cost per page - unlike a copier where the cost per page is fixed. Since the major cost for any job is the price of the master, the more pages you print the less each one costs, to the point where you're paying little more than the price of the paper and ink.