The RISO MZ 8700AG/MZ7700AG printer is the only duplicator in the world that allows you to print both on a sigle-color and dual-color printing at a single pass. Now eveybody can enjoy high-quality, high-speed 2-color printing with RISO's revolutionary MZ 8700AG/MZ7700AG. Offering 2-color printing at a single pass, the MZ 8700AG/MZ7700AG features the ease of use and quality output that makes RISO printers the world's favorite. Advanced technology makes color separation, master making and printing little more than a pushbutton operation, and the vast array of RISO inks offers you a huge selection of colors to choose from to add extra impact to all your documents. A maximum print speed of 150ppm gets you to the end of even the longest print job in an astonishingly short time, taking less than seven minutes to print 1,000 pages.

MZ8700AG Features

600 dpi scanning The scanner boasts 600 dpi resolution to ensure that even the finest details are clearly picked up and transmitted to the master-making section. Super-fine printing 600 dpi perforation density on the master and unique RISO image management technology result in beautiful output quality with smoother lines, finer gradations for photos and even tiny typefaces clearly legible. Ultra high-speed output A maximum print speed of 150 ppm gets you to the end of even the longest print job in an astonishingly short time, taking less than seven minutes to print 1,000 pages. Lightweight, front loading print drums Thanks to front loading design and print drums lighter than ever before, swapping a print drum for one of a different color is a simple operation everybody can quickly and easily carry out. Easy ink setting Changing the ink bottle is also quick and easy with front panel access: simply insert the ink bottle and twist into place. Slide-out master unit The side-mounted master unit slides out like a drawer for fast, simple replacement of the master roll. Just remove the old one and drop a fresh one into place, and you're ready to go. MZ 7700 Operation Panel The large, bright screen was developed to provide clear, at-a-glance viewing of functions, and even a preview of how your document will look after printing. Menus are logically grouped: simply step through the various function menus displayed on the touchpanel until you reach the one you want. Better still, you can even place your most-frequently used functions on the top screen and customize the panel layout. 'Easy 2-color' for simplified master-making The MZ 7 series features 'easy 2-color'-a process that not only makes it easy to create 2-color masters, you even get a choice of how to do it so you can select the method that's easiest for you or most suitable for any particular print job. RISO Editor With the RISO Editor, you can quickly and directly specify which areas should be in which of the two colors, and even move individual blocks of text, photos or illustrations for precise placement to enhance the look of your finished document. Preview mode With preview, you can view your document on the touchpanel exactly as it will appear when printed, giving you the opportunity for a final check to ensure it is precisely how you want it. Line/photo/duo/pencil modes Select from line, photo, duo or pencil modes. Line mode is best for text-only documents, photo mode is better for photos or illustrations, duo mode gives the best results for documents that are a mix of text and photos, while pencil mode is optimized for illustrations that are drawn in pencil. A choice ofthree photo modes Standard mode is the basic setting designed to give excellent results with the majority of photographs. Portrait mode Portrait mode is optimized to give clear gradations of skin tones, resulting in superbly lifelike output. Group photo mode This mode uses a special algorithm to clearly show faces in group photos, so subjects can easily pick themselves out. Pencil mode Often, illustrations drawn in pencil fail to scan cleanly. Pencil mode is optimized to clearly scan and print such illustrations to assure you of superb results. Overlay If you wish to print a letterhead on a document, simply recall the data and it is then automatically overlaid on the master at the same time as the scanned document. Stamp Store your most frequently-used document hold item on a dedicated page of the touchscreen. Then a single touch immediately accesses and prints the item in the second color. Note: Optional Document Storage Card DM-128CF is required for Document storage, Overlay, and Stamp function. Data from a PC If you are creating your color original on a PC, the included printer driver software automatically separates the colors into two when you send the data to the printer. Dual-tone color printing is also available. Remote monitoring You can conveniently monitor a networked printer's condition from your PC. Data displayed includes loaded ink colors,remaining master supply, paper loaded, and much more. Note: For networking, the optional RISORINC NET network card is required.