MZ Series

  • The Impact of Two-Color Printing

    Adding a second color gives every one of your documents extra impact and immediacy. MZ series printers offer you all that extra power at just a single pass, letting you enjoy ease and convenience as you give your documents a professionally-finished look.

  • The RISO MZ 8700AG/MZ7700AG printer is the only duplicator in the world that allows you to print both on a sigle-color and dual-color printing at a single pass. Now eveybody can enjoy high-quality, high-speed 2-color printing with RISO's revolutionary MZ 8700AG/MZ7700AG. Offering 2-color printing at a single pass, the MZ 8700AG/MZ7700AG features the ease of use and quality output that makes RISO printers the world's favorite. Advanced technology makes color separation, master making and printing little more than a pushbutton operation, and the vast array of RISO inks offers you a huge selection of colors to choose from to add extra impact to all your documents. A maximum print speed of 150ppm gets you to the end of even the longest print job in an astonishingly short time, taking less than seven minutes to print 1,000 pages.