The RISO CZ180 is the predecessor of the RISO CR1630 model. It has a maximum print area of 10" x 14" (B4) but it can scan up to A3 originals for reduction to B4 size. Better still, since the paper path handles A3 paper, you can print on A3 or non-standard paper sizes larger than B4.

The ADF has the capacity to handle up to 10-sheets and works in conjunction with program print to give you unprecedented versatility. While the paper feed tray can still holds up to 1,000 sheets (depending on paper weight) to allow long, uninterrupted print runs.

The RISO CZ180 has 3-variable print speed - 60ppm, 90ppm, 130ppm. Printing of 500 sheets (1 ream) can be done in less than 4 minutes only.

CZ180 Features

MASTER MAKING/PRINTING METHODS High-speed digital master making/fully automatic stencil printing
ORIGINAL TYPE ADF; Sheet (10 originals)
ORIGINAL SIZE Postcard – A3+ (90 x 140mm – 310 x 435mm)
ORIGINAL WEIGHT 50gsm – 107gsm
SCANNING AREA 11.69” x 17.13” (297 x 435mm)
PRINT PAPER SIZE 3.93” x 5.84 to 11.69” x 16.53”   (100 x 148mm to 297 x 420mm)
PAPER SUPPLY CAPACITY 1000 sheets in feed tray and receive tray, 17 lb bond (64gsm)
PRINT PAPER WEIGHT 50gsm to 157gsm
IMAGE PROCESSING MODE Line, Photo, Duo, Pencil
RESOLUTION 300 X 300 dpi (scanning) 300 x 300 dpi (printing)
MASTER MAKING TIME Approx. 37 sec. (A4/portrait/100% reproduction ratio)
PRINTING AREA (MAX.) 9.88” x 14.06” (251 x 357 mm)
REDUCTION/ ENLARGEMENT Preset: 141%, 122%, 116%, 94%, 87%, 82%, 71%
PRINT SPEED 60 to 130 pages per minute (3 steps variable)
PRINT POSITION ADJUSTMENT Vertical:      ±10mm (0.5”) Horizontal: ±10mm (0.375”)
INK SUPPLY Fully automatic (800ml per cartridge)
MASTER SUPPLY/DISPOSAL Fully automatic (200 sheets per roll)
FEATURES 2-up, ADF semi-auto, Auto-Process, Confidential, Custom Mode, Program Print, Proof Copy, Reservation, Scanning Level Adjustment, RISO I Quality System