Bizhub 423/363/283

Meet the MFP Designed to Reduce Your TCO

The question is, where do you find an efficient, productive and environmentally considerate MFP that reduces TCO? The answer is as plain as black and white – the new bizhub 423/363/283/223, Konica Minolta’s MFP with built-in colour scanning. In the era of colourful business documents, you need an MFP that straddles the divide between colour and monochrome. You need bizhub.

Bizhub 423/363/283 Features

Toner Recycling Mechanism

Toner used in the bizhub 423 series is reused 100%. Untransferred toner that remains on the photoconductor is removed by the cleaning blade, carried through the recycle duct, and re-sent to the developing unit. This process eliminates the generation of toner waste.

Quiet Operation

The bizhub 423 series is the quietest MFP in its class during standby. Noise reductions have also been made in the ADF, making it the smart choice for a high-performance MFP that isn’t an intrusive presence

Superior TEC Values

The bizhub 423 series offers excellent energy performance. It surpasses the TEC values* needed to gain Energy Star certification by a wide margin – up to 62% for the bizhub 423 model. * TEC (Typical Electricity Consumption) is the test method used by Energy Star.

Environmentally Considerate Toner

Since 2000, when Konica Minolta introduced the world’s first polymerised toner for digital monochrome MFPs, Simitri toner has been made using biomass, a plant-based resource. This ensures less environmental impact without sacrificing image quality.