Make Photo Books Easily with our Products

The rapidly growing popularity for photo books has been fueled by the development of digital photography and the popularity of social networking. Consumers can purchase, create, or print photo books at retail locations, in-store or online and immediately share their books to friends, family, and even work colleagues.

Having the ability to print and produce a small percentage of the number of digital pictures taken each year can mean substantial growth for your printing business. Photo books have the flexibility to satisfy any client’s demands including the size, shape, texture, or covering which can further boost your business in the process.

  • The profit from a single photo book can be greater than that of 400 individual 4″ x 6″ prints.
  • According to InfoTrends (US Photo Merchandise End User Study, 2009), 90% of people who have created a photo book expect to do so again. Study participants reported spending about $85 on purchasing and producing photo merchandise in the past year.


The digital packaging industry is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 15.7% between 2009 and 2014. This growth is driven by the increasing demand for innovative ways to differentiate products from each other, the search for ways to the short-run packaging process, and the emergence of regional, local and low volume products.

Personalized promotional tools, pharmaceutical boxes, private label foods and product samples are all ideal applications for thin, folding cartons printed digitally on demand.


Take a leap forward for your printing business by offering digital book publishing. Benefit from applications that require small quantities of specialized books. With digital printing, book publishers can economically print short runs to meet specific needs.

Market Opportunities

  • Books carry a high retail value even in this generation where e-books are gaining popularity. About 170 million volumes of professional books for business, law, and medicine are still sold each year.
  • Non-profit book publishers such as university presses keep a low-demand yet significant books in circulation. In 2006, university presses around the world printed and sold approximately 25.1 million books and journals.


Direct Mail is a valuable and efficient way to connect to your customers through newsletters that are highly targeted and relevant and directly addresses each individual’s interests and needs.

Market Opportunities

  • Over the years, advertisers have experienced that highly targeted and relevant newsletters can be significantly more effective than a non-targeted “shotgun” approach.
  • Utilizing digital printing allows not only the opportunity to produce targeted and direct newsletters that will invoke action from consumers, but also allows an opportunity to increase efficiency in advertising and target marketing.


A golden opportunity for growth: powerful, compelling marketing materials increase brand affinity and sales. Konica Minolta’s end-to-end print-on-demand solutions can help you produce marketing materials that are always relevant, up to date, and accessible.

Market Opportunities

  • Printing accounts for only 14% of the total cost of collaterals – just the tip of the iceberg.
  • Up to 31% of printed marketing materials become obsolete in a short span of time, so trying to lower offset printing costs by having more sets printed will actually be more costly in the end.